Wine Keeper Preservation System

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Producer: Wine Keeper * Country: USA *
Include: 1 dispenser, 1 nitrogen canister and 1 regulator *
Use: Keeps wine in perfect conditions for 30 days after a bottle is open *

Wine Keeper System:

Wine Keeper is the world leader developing wine preserving systems. In this case they develope a small great kit for the house of office. This kit allows consumers to open a bottle and preserve it in great conditions for 30 days.

How does it works?

The oxygen is the responsible for ruining the wine. Usually a wine lasts once its opened 24 hrs the most without loosing its conditions. In this case, the Wine Keeper kit injects nitrogen to the bottle displacing the oxygen from it. This way the wine having the least contact with oxygen, will keep in great conditions for weeks.

Why Wine Keeper is a great investment?:
Finally you can drink 1-2 glasses without wasting the rest of the bottle away!* You can have several wines opened under this system*
It is beautiful and is a great gift!*
Excellent quality*