Copa de Cristal Grand Cru 900 ml

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  • País: República Checa

Producer: Rona *
Country: Czech Republic *

Size: 900 ml *

Material: Crystal *
Variety recommended for this glass: Barolo, Barbaresco, Burgundy and wines that need air for a better enjoyment *
The importance of the right glass:

Very often people tend to drink nice quality wines with the wrong glasses. This could be because they do not know there is a difference or have not experience it.

Why this is bad? It's like having a Ferrari and drive at 60 km. We really recommend customers to go ahead and try the same wine in a simple regular glass and one design for the tasting of wines. A good shaped glass helps the wine develop it's potential, true character and show you the real stuff.

In regular wine glasses the ballon is often very small. This way you will have your nose too close to the wine and would sense majorly the smell of alcohol and not the qualities of the fruit, oak, complexities and others.

In the old days this was ok, but now there has been several studies proving that tall wine glasses (for Bordeaux varieties) or rounder and bigger glasses (for Burgundy varieties) improve the wine during the tasting.

Why these glasses are a great investment?:

They will improve your wine considerably*

They are beautiful and are a great gift!*

Excellent quality*
We always have in stock*
Life is too short to be drinking in bad glasses