Escorihuela Gascon Malbec (750 ml)

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  • Añejamiento: 8 months in french and american oak
  • País: Argentina
  • Región: Mendoza
  • Varietal: 100% Malbec
  • Vendimia: 2006

The Escorihuela Gascón is 100% Malbec, aged eight months in a mix of American and French oak, both old and new. Oak is well represented in this wine, both in the nose and on the palate. When I decant a wine so as to aerate it, I usually nose the decanter to make sure the wine is clean, but in this case the aromas of the Gascón were so evocative that I made some initial notes, which jibed with my formal aroma notes from the glass some four hours later.

Warm ripe fruit was my first general impression, then I identified plum, blueberry, violet, chocolate, vanilla and baking spice. Other than the chocolate, it all fits in with a tasty blueberry tart, and I have to note, for what it's worth, that both the blueberry and the violet notes are in accord with the wine's striking purple color. The wine is dry, with medium acidity, medium tannins, but a good black fruit plum and berry intensity. The key palate note is a chocolate cocoa roasted-coffee mocha element, tagged with more of the vanilla and baking spice. The finish is fairly long, with a bit of the toasted mocha at the end, and the kind of caramelized sweetness you get from nicely toasted bread.

– Elliot Essman, James Beard Foundation Award for Food Journalism

About Escorihuela Gascón:

It was founded in 1884 by Miguel Escorihuela Gascón. This winery has lots of history. For instance, it is believed that Escorihuela Gascón was the first winery to ever bottled a wine 100% Malbec and the Brand "Carcasonne Red Wine" was President Peron favorite wine.

In the last 15 years under the leadership of Ernesto Catena (oldest son of Nicolás Catena), the Escorihuela Gascón team has worked hard to achieve their mission: to become Argentina´s leading winery, recognize in all markets of interest for their wines of excellent quality, while respecting years of tradition and commitment in both human resources and relationship with suppliers. At Escorihuela Gascón they say "it is very easy to make good wines, you just need 100 years of experience".

Escorihuela Gascón recently opened a new winery in Agrelo (prestigious subregion of Mendoza) with top leading technology which is producing amazing complex wines.

The winery also has the best restaurant in Mendoza. It is called 1884 and is managed by the local star chef Francis Mallman.
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